Gutters and Gutter Materials

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October 4, 2017
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October 6, 2017



Gutters and Gutter Materials


Although there is not much glamour in gutter protection systems, according to experts, a properly installed gutter system can protect your home from serious damage year-round. Every home owner should know that old, damaged, or defective Gutters have the potential to cause damage to your home. Gutter clogs can cause wood rot, foundation problems, and landscaping erosion.

You can avoid a great deal of expense and unwanted hassles by installing a gutter protection system. Gutter protection systems help keep basements and crawlspaces dry, protect Siding and windows from harmful backsplash, and prevent staining and rotting of the walls of your home. So, while they may not be flashy, Gutters are an important part of the home, which require a balance of practicality and aesthetics.

Gutters come in many types of materials, sizes, and colors. When choosing Gutters for your home, you should consider the size of your budget, how much maintenance you plan to do, and the different aspects of various gutter materials.

Vinyl Gutters are simple to cut and configure. One problem with vinyl Gutters is that they are susceptible to brittleness with age and extreme cold.

Aluminum Gutters are the most common. Primary aluminum is the thickest and most consistent type. Secondary aluminum should be avoided because it often has problems with inconsistent thickness. Aluminum is prone to denting, but its color weathers well. These Gutters hold more water than traditional wood Gutters.

Metal Gutters are made of steel and copper. Although an attractive choice, copper is the most expensive type of gutter.

Wood is the least popular of gutter materials because it requires a lot of maintenance and is more expensive than other gutter options.


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