How to Keep Water From Your Home’s Foundation – Gutters

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February 26, 2018
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How to Keep Water From Your Home’s Foundation – Gutters

Your house is an expensive part of your life. Therefore you should learn how to take care of the most important part of your house, the foundation. The foundation of your home is comparable the skeleton of the human body. The foundation is what keeps your home standing up. Below are some basic tips on keeping your home’s foundation in tip-top shape. (The information provided are tips for general homes)

1.) Control Your Moisture Levels – Your house experiences many different types of climates throughout the year. It is very important to regulate the amount of moisture your home’s foundation takes in. If you allow your home to get too dry, the foundation can crack. If your home is too moist you may experience mold or mildew.

2.) Install New Gutters – Most homes should have Gutters installed to ensure rain is traveling safely away from the house. Too much rain fall can leak into the home’s foundation. If you haven’t installed Gutters you’ll want to reach out to your local gutter installer to get them up as soon as possible.

3.) Slope Your Lawn – Your landscaping should always slope at a 5% grade away from your house. This should take place the entire way around your home. Properly sloping the land away from the home will ensure that large amounts of water don’t hang around your home’s foundation causing problems in the future.

4.) Add Window Covers – Your egress windows should allow for covers to be installed over the top of them. These window covers will prevent rain from falling into the egress window and penetrating through your foundation or window. Plenty of floods each year are a result of improper egress window drainage. Window covers can do wonders in preventing excess water from entering into your home.

These tips will help ensure that your home is safe from flooding, cracking, and mold growing in your home. To find out more information regarding your home improvements consider contacting a local contractor or friend that has experience in home remodeling. They can keep you informed on new improved ways to keep your home’s foundation in great shape.

You can also find more information by performing your own research for your style of home. Each home has its own quirks and may need to be handled differently than other homes. Other ideas to keep water away from your home’s foundation and out of the basement is adding draintile around your home.


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