Paying Attention to Gutter Warranties

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January 30, 2018
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Paying Attention to Gutter Warranties

The gutter warranty is an official written contract that includes the obligation of the gutter company to change or to restore the Gutters in case they are defective. It is vital for most property owners to obtain a gutter warranty as it is one of the essential parts of the house and one of the most costly when damaged. Remember, it’s important to determine what the guttering system warranty will and will not include

You need to review the fine print of the gutter warranty; usually this will describe all warranty exceptions, like natural disasters and wind disasters. Make sure the exceptions are specific, for example, in cases of typhoons not being covered by some warranties, it should indicate the specific wind speed (miles/hour). In case of leaks or outflow despite the terms of the warranty has been followed, the warranty will then give the owner the required treatment to these problems. These include repairing the leak or outflow, and replacement.

Here are some evidences that your warranty may become voided:

1. When there are omissions or erasures – Warranties are legal contracts and should not have omissions or erasures, if it is unavoidable, a company lawyer should at least countersign the erasures.

2. When the contractor is making adjustments or modifications – Just like with omissions and erasures, adjustments and modifications are not allowed on a legal document. It is not allowed by law that your contractor will change the inclusions and exclusions of the contract based on how he sees it fit.

3. When the guttering company failed to care for your roof as prescribed – The warranty is not just created for customers, but also for your contractor and the gutter manufacturer. This enumerates their responsibilities to their client (you) as it also enumerates your responsibility to them.

Remember as a homeowner, you have to spend time with your guttering company to discuss in detail the warranty they provide. Read your warranty in detail. Have them explain each item and don’t forget to ask questions. By doing these, you would understand the extent of your protection and know if you’re really getting the right service provider or contractor based on your needs.

Your guttering warranty will ensure that the company would consistently provide high quality guttering installation and that the Gutters provide the owner a high quality home, as a home owner it is your responsibility to be informed, to follow, and to care for the Gutters of your home.


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