Water Damage in Your Home? Clogged Rain Gutters Could Be to Blame

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November 29, 2017
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December 1, 2017

Water Damage in Your Home? Clogged Rain Gutters Could Be to Blame

As all of the old sayings imply, a roof over your head is the indisputable marker of safety and shelter. Separating you from rain, wind, and other outdoor elements that threaten your comfort and well-being, your roof must remain wholly waterproof and intact in order to provide you with the utmost protection. If you want to maintain the highest level of protection for you and your family, then you’ll need to make certain that every facet of your roof is in tip-top shape, including your rain Gutters and downspouts.

Did you know that when rain Gutters are clogged, cracked, or otherwise faulty, they can contribute to structural weaknesses in your roof? Considering that you install Gutters in order to direct water flow off of the roof and away from the building, it’s important that they are free and clear of leaves, debris, and ice buildups–otherwise, rainwater will collect on the roof, causing leaks and other water damage. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to ensure that their rain Gutters are in tip-top shape at all times. In fact, most home improvement specialists recommend cleaning your Gutters at least twice a year.

However, two times a year might not be enough for homes that are exposed to particularly heavy rainfall or are located in densely wooded areas. For homes and commercial buildings that are considerably more problematic to clean, gutter installation experts suggest checking out gutter protection systems. Also known as “Gutter Guards” or “gutter shields,” these gutter protection systems are designed to divert rainwater while also providing gutter leaf protection so that no unwanted debris can collect where it doesn’t belong. A gutter protection system, when installed correctly, will eradicate the need to haul out the ladder and endanger yourself while scooping out leaves by hand at such a great height.

As is usually the case with most home improvement projects, the style and quality of a gutter guard installation will vary depending on your chosen gutter contractor. Some companies place foam inserts into your rain Gutters, but those usually crumble or break in a short amount of time. Others will install a giant shield over your Gutters, a process that’s known to cause significant damage to shingles. A safer alternative to these two options is a solid gutter protection system that is without any holes or openings that can potentially clog. Some of the most reliable designs are composed of heavy-duty aluminum and contain several flow reducers that can handle instances of particularly heavy rainfall.

Gutter Guards are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners across the country, especially since they’re available in a variety of styles and colors to match the existing look of your home’s exterior. So stop letting your clogged Gutters contribute to wood rot or wet basement problems in your home–instead, take action install a gutter protection system that will keep your rain Gutters and downspouts clean for you.


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