Your roof does not remain in the same condition forever. It has a life span. After that, it becomes unworthy of being your shelter. Sometimes, due to climate conditions or improper installation, things might go wrong before the life span is over. When things go wrong, you need to take help from professional roofers. You should contact the right roofing contractors to fix your problem.



If you see water leaking through your roof, it means you need to contact a roofing contractor. Sometimes water doesn’t pour out; only a few drops could be there on the ceiling. These are the signs that your roof has problems. You should call in a roofer to find out the reason for leakage and ask for the solution.
Another sign is; sunlight entering your house penetrating the roof. It is another sign that indicates there is a problem with your roof. These things happen when there are cracks or holes in the ceiling. Usually, older roofs might easily cause these types of issues.


The growth of moss and algae on the rooftop is a sign that indicates damage to the roof or shingles. Generally, the shingles resist water from wetting the rooftop. The rooftop comes in direct contact with water when the shingles or the wooden boards start rotting. If the rooftop remains wet for a long time, fungus or moss or; algae start growing.
This situation is very unhealthy for the rooftop. Wet rooftops start cracking or sagging. So if you see things like that growing on your rooftop, you must contact a roofing contractor to see what exactly is the cause of such things growing on your rooftop.


The  Shingles might get damaged or cracked because of excessive heat, some of them might go missing, or some of them might rot because of moisture. These are some serious issues. The rooftop might be directly affected by rainfall and intense heat.
If the rooftop comes in direct contact with the sun or heavy rain, it might be very harmful. The wall might crack down easily. Moss or algae and fungi or other such things might grow on the rooftop. If few shingles are rotten or damaged, the others might also be affected. So the ones that are damaged should be replaced or fixed.


If you see there are stains on the ceiling, it means there’s leakage. If there is leakage anywhere on the rooftop, water finds its way into the walls. Thus the walls remain wet for a long time and, this causes the stain. You might also see your walls peeling off or bubbling. These are all signs of leakage.
You should contact professional roofers to find out the reason for such issues. If the professionals suggest you change the roof, then you should go for roof replacement.


If your roofs are sagging, you must run to roofing contractors for help. It is the most dangerous sign. This type of roof might collapse at any time. Moreover, it is harmful to the entire foundation. The cause of sagging is when the walls remain wet for a long time, they start rotting and gradually damage.
How will you figure out that your roof is sagging? Look at the ridge and, you will notice the changes. If you figure out anything like that, you should make haste to contact a professional roof contractor. Roof replacement is a must in such a case.


Everything has an expiration date and, so does the roof. A roof lasts from 20-25 years. After that, it might start to damage. It gradually becomes weak. It’s a bad idea to keep such old roofs. If the rooftop is too old, its tolerance to natural disasters like storms or earthquakes decreases.
So, eventually, it becomes risky to live under such old roofs. Roof replacement is necessary to ensure the safety of the whole property and the people who own it. Before the lifespan is over, owners must take help from experienced roofers for roof replacement.

So roof replacement is necessary when; you see any of the problems above, you must contact a roofing contractor. Roof replacement or repair is not an easy job. You must hire a professional to handle the job safely.

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